Last night we held a special meeting to appoint a Highway Superintendent to fill the position that was recently vacated by a resignation.  After several meetings over the last couple of weeks between Highway Department Personnel and the Town of Jay Highway Committee, a motion was made to appoint Chris Garrow to be the Highway Superintendent and was unanimously approved.  After the meeting, Chris Garrow named Chris Sorrell his deputy, and both were sworn into office.  Over the next few weeks, we will be working hard to fill positions on the Highway Department and to purchase previously budgeted equipment before the winter plowing season. We are actively looking for individuals who are interested in employment at the Town of Jay as part of the Highway Department and the Water and Sewer Department.  All interested individuals are encouraged to apply at the Supervisor’s Office or by calling 518-647-2204 for more information.


Over the weekend, the Town of Black Brook hosted the Labor Day Celebration.  I would like to thank them for continuing this long tradition in Au Sable Forks.  Kevin Zaumeter did a fantastic job organizing the parade.  The festivities at the Town of Black Brook River Park seemed to be very well attended and I enjoyed catching up with several individuals from around town.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the fireworks, but the picture and videos I saw made the night second to none.  Great job to everyone involved, an amazing celebration for an incredible community!


Next week is our Monthly Town Board Meeting on Thursday at 7:00 pm and our Monthly Planning Board Meeting on Wednesday at 6:00 pm.  Both meetings are at the Community Center or you can view online as usual.


Lastly, I would like to thank Kevin Lincoln, Erin Himmel, and Norm Coolidge for their years of service to the Town of Jay.  Their dedication to the Town of Jay over the years is greatly appreciated.  You will be greatly missed and never truly replaced.  Thank you!


Hope you have a great week,