Parks and Recreation

The Community Center, formerly Au Sable Forks High School, was built in 1938.

In order to get on the schedule to use this space, please contact the Clerk to the Supervisor, Michelle Axtell at 518-647-2204 x-102 or email

The Town of Jay Community Garden is located on the Grove Road in Au Sable Forks. The 15 individual raised plot garden was made possible by a Creating Healthy Spaces Grant that the Town of Jay received from the Essex County Department of Health. The raised beds were built by the Town and much of the soil preparation was done by Town Staff and volunteers.

The plots are available in either 4′ x 16′ or 10″ x 10′ sizes for an annual fee of $20.

See below for garden documents.

The historic Jay Covered Bridge, with a 175’ span over the east branch of the AuSable River,  is
the only remaining covered bridge in the Adirondacks.  The bridge was originally built in 1957
by George M. Burt utilizing a patented Howe Truss design, which increases its strength and
capacity.   The Jay Covered Bridge was removed in 1997 and completely restored, utilizing
original hand-hewed beams in the interior, and placed back to its original location in 2007, and is
now a pedestrian/bicycle bridge.

The bridge is a very popular historic landmark, and beautifully set as part of the Douglas
Memorial Park, overlooking the popular swimming spot “the holes” and the waterfalls upstream
of the bridge.  The river beneath the bridge is also a popular fishing spot.

The bridge is listed on the New York State Register of Historic Places and was approved for the
National Register of Historic Places, but has yet not been listed.

Dedicated to two past long serving  Town Supervisors from the Douglas family, the main attraction at the Douglas Memorial Park is the historic Jay Covered bridge, built in 1857 and completely restored as a foot bridge in 2007.  At the entrances of the bridge there is also some very interesting historical area information displays.

The park has a pavilion and picnic area, benches, tennis and basketball courts, a walking path, offers fishing access, and a popular swimming area “’the holes” can be found just upstream from the Covered Bridge.  A short stroll down the walking path along the river, passing under the County Hwy 22 river overpass you will also find the Town of Jay Children’s Park and Playground.

Henry’s Trail is an ½ mile accessible walking trail for people of all ages and abilities. There are
pods themed after Adirondack animals;  Bald Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk, Honeybee, Snowshoe
Hare and Cottontail Rabbit, Fisher, Deer Mouse, and Bullfrog pods.  Pods feature musical
instruments, and benches are stationed along the trail as well.

Given the trails proximity to the Francis M. Pattno & John F. Gale Memorial Park a visit here
offers something to do for people of all ages and abilities.

The trail is named after Henry Caito, a young boy
that our community lost far too soon.  Henry, died in
a 2011 car accident that also took the life of Henry’s
grandmother, Theresa Rose Marcoccia Caito.
Henry’s Trail is the result of endless hours
volunteered by residents of the towns of Black
Brook and Jay, the Town of Jay, and a generous
donation by Henry’s parents Greg and Lisa Caito, a
Creating Healthy Places grant in association with
Essex County Public Health, as well as other generous donations from residents, businesses, and other charities.

Henry’s Trail is located in Au Sable Forks on Grove Road.

Here at “The Grove” you will find baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, a playground, picnic areas and a large pavilion.

Henry’s Trail is also located here.

This small picturesque park in downtown AuSable Forks overlooks the fork, the merging of the
East and West branch of the AuSable River.  The Park has a pavilion, benches, shaded area,  a
short walking path, and fishing access.

The Jay Village Green is a cultural historic area in the hamlet of Jay. The green includes a
bandstand, a water fountain, benches and picnic area.  Adjacent to the Green is the Amos & Julia
Ward Theater, and a short stroll down the road towards the Au Sable river is the Jay Covered
Bridge, the Douglas Memorial Park, and a bit further down the Town of Jay Children’s Park and

JEMS, Jay Entertainment & Music Society holds its free Summer Concert Series on the Jay
Village Green every Saturday during the summer.