February 15, 2024 update:

Updates on all of the projects were given by MJ Engineering.

  • Water Meter Feasibility Study – 4 quotes have been received for meters, quote for billing software is in progress, preparing engineering report
  • District Upgrades – Hazardous materials report was provided for water tank, well site study performed and proposed test well sites have been determined, findings and recommendations are anticipated soon for electrical systems, and a draft engineering report is expected by early summer.
  • Lead Service Line Inventory – First attempt to get information was sent with last water billing, those results are being incorporated into a database.  Tax roll information was obtained from the town to create the database.  Second mailer will be developed and sent for disbursement by the end of the month.

September 12, 2023 update:

Today we held a kickoff meeting with MJ Engineering for this multi-point project for the 3 Town of Jay water districts.  These projects should be wrapped up sometime in the Fall of 2024.

August 15, 2023

The Town of Jay will be received a proposal from MJ Engineering for upgrades needed in all 3 water districts.

  • Lead Service Line Inventory – Required by the Department of Health – $10,600.00
  • Water Meter Engineering Report – Required by Department of Environmental Conservation – $22,800.00
  • Nugent Plant Water System Upgrades – Required by Department of Health – $160,100.00
    • New 12″ Backup Well
      • HydroSource hydrologist services – $91,600.00
      • Test Well – TBD
    • Electrical Upgrades including well field control – $68,500.00

These engineer projects will be paid for by ARPA (American Rescue Program Act) funds, with no additional cost from district user fees or taxes.  This engineering work will help the Town of Jay apply for grants to help offset the cost for the required upgrades.