The summer edition of the Town of Jay News is out and at various locations around town, this edition is not being mailed to each home.  If you have a location in mind that does not have any, and you think there should be, contact my office and we will get some there.  You can always stop into the Community Center to get a hard copy, or you can view a digital copy of the newsletter on our website,


Several times a month I join the ADKAction Broadband Conference Call and/or the North Country Broadband Alliance Zoom Call to learn or comment about broadband and cell coverage updates.  This past Friday, a representative from Verizon was part of one of those calls.  It was good to hear that the resolution I sponsored at the county level about cell service was heard.  The representative and I have been in communication and look forward to working together to get a better understanding of the problem in the Town of Jay, and hopefully come to a solution to make our service better.  I look forward to the day we can walk down Main Street again (other parts of town as well), and not have a call dropped or service interrupted.  Thank you Verizon for hearing our concerns.


Lastly, we will be having a Special Board Meeting on Thursday at 5:00pm at the Community Center.  As usual, you can join us in person or online.  The meeting will be recorded and posted online within a day or so.  You can check our website for login information and the agenda.


Hope you have a great week,