This past week we had the first major snow of the year.  I would like to commend our highway crew on a job well done.  With the help of the veteran crew, the newer plow drivers did a great job keeping up with the storm.  However, fickle Mother Nature is back at it again this evening with several inches of heavy wet snow and high winds through tomorrow.  Due to the high winds and heavy snow, widespread power outages are likely.  Please be prepared with flashlights with batteries, gas for your generator, and keep off the roads while our staff cleans the way for any utility crews that need to restore power.

This month, during the Town of Jay Economic Development Committee meeting, guest Linda D’Arco, owner of Little Farmhouse Flowers, discussed her desire for expansion of her business on Stickney Bridge Road.  Little Farmhouse Flowers is looking for a location about 5,000 to 10,000 square feet that they can expand their flower bulb business.  Jody Olcott from the Essex County IDA gave some great suggestions around the county, but I would love for this business to be able to expand here in the Town of Jay.  If you know of a location, please reach out to Linda.  Other topics discussed were the Comprehensive Plan, the NY Main Street Technical Assistance Grant, and the positives of creating a Chamber of Commerce.

It is that time of the month, meeting week at the Town of Jay.  On Wednesday is the Planning Board meeting at 6:00pm.  This Thursday, at 7:00pm is our Organizational Meeting for the Town of Jay.  Both meetings will be available as usual in person or online.  Links can be found on each board’s webpage.

Hope you have a great week,