This past week was our monthly board meeting. During that meeting, Councilman Adam Coolidge gave a report for the Ambulance Committee. This report laid out the issues that have been discussed during meetings with the AuSable Forks Volunteer Ambulance Service, the Town of Black Brook, and the Town of Jay. As discussed in this report, we feel the level of service we receive from the AFVAS is second to none. However, with the increase in property values over the last few years, the Town of Jay’s portion has increased to over 70% in this year’s AFVAS budget. This year’s ambulance budget would be an increase of close to 30% for the Town of Jay, or 85% of our allowable tax cap for 2024. I agree with the Town of Black Brook that a feasibility study needs to be done because several things have changed since the volunteer ambulance service was founded in 1974. I feel it is my job, and the job of the Town of Jay Town Board, to do our due diligence for our taxpayers. If you want to see the report by Councilman Coolidge, here is a link to it on our website:

Also during the board meeting, Interim Highway Superintendent Chris Garrow had information to present the board for new equipment purchases that had been approved as part of the 2023 budget. The board approved the purchase of a new tandem plow truck and a new front-end loader. The board also approved a new 5-ton International plow truck to replace the 5-ton truck that was totaled last winter. Chris introduced the new member to our team and said he expected to be fully staffed and the new plow trucks to be available before the first snow, or soon after.

This week, the Water and Wastewater Operator position was posted through Essex County. We have also distributed this job posting to several locations. Preference will be given to an individual with their water and wastewater license, but we are willing to train the correct individual. You can see the attached job posting for more information.

Hope you have a great week,